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At our practice, we offer a wide range of dental services to meet your individual needs and preferences. From preventive care and routine cleanings to cosmetic treatments and restorative procedures, we are here to help you achieve and maintain a healthy and beautiful smile for life.

Fillings & Restorations

Fillings (Dental restorations) are the most common dental procedure performed at our clinic. The aim is to restore or replace missing tooth structure with the appropriate material. The most commonly used material is Composite Resin or what we commonly refer to as “white fillings”. The tooth structure may be lost due to dental caries, a broken tooth, a failing old restoration or a malformation of the tooth structure. Whatever the reason may be, our dentists are determined to provide our patients with fillings that match the natural tooth in form, color, and function. We pride ourselves on providing our patients with the best result possible.


Dentures are most commonly referred to as “false teeth”. Dentures are removable appliances made at the lab that replace missing teeth. Our dentists will take the necessary measurements and communicate with the lab on your behalf after discussing all treatment options and steps with you. There are many advantages to providing patients with this treatment as some patients may not be suitable candidates for other options to replace missing teeth. The most common advantage of having this treatment is that dentures replace many missing teeth in different areas in the jaw with one single appliance. Dentures can span the entire arch ( upper or lower) and replace every missing tooth in that arch. If patients are missing multiple teeth in both arches, they will benefit from having two dentures made. We still provide this treatment at our clinic as many of our patients have benefited from this option. Our Dentures are made in collaboration with Gordana Dental Art Studio who produce highly esthetic and functional dentures.

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal therapy has become the second most common procedure after tooth restoration. Root canal therapy is a procedure geared towards saving a tooth that may otherwise be extracted. This may happen to the tooth as a result of injury or a deep cavity that exposed or infected the nerve. This procedure replaces diseased or infected nerve tissue with a natural rubber-based material. The tooth hard structure (crown and root) is preserved in form and function. This procedure also resolves the patient’s pain symptoms and helps the tooth heal and subside. Our dentists have become experienced in this area through continuing education courses and many years of practice.

Teeth Extractions

In many cases, patients may need a tooth, or several teeth extracted. Extractions are simply removal of the tooth from the jawbone with special techniques and instruments. This may include extractions of wisdom teeth, extractions for orthodontic purposes or extractions due to a large cavity or fracture. Patients will be evaluated through examination and X-rays to determine their needs. Patients will always be given all their options for treatment in case teeth extractions were not the ideal or only option. Teeth extraction is a surgical procedure where the patient will be provided with local anesthesia and a gentle approach during the surgery.

Crowns & Bridge

A crown is an external structure that surrounds the entire crown of the tooth. It is essentially a hat for the tooth. Teeth may need crowns for many reasons ranging from trauma and fractures to elective cosmetic treatment. Crowns hold the tooth structure together and provide function and esthetics at the same time. Crowns can be made from several different materials like Gold, Silver, porcelain, or a combination of materials. The procedure includes a slight reduction of the tooth around its circumference to allow for the fabrication of the crown. Our crowns are fabricated at the lab, so this procedure requires two appointments. Bridges are similar to crown procedures in that the tooth circumference is reduced, but different in that the crowned tooth becomes a supporting one for a missing tooth beside it. The lab will fabricate the structure based on precise instructions from our dentists. Once the crown or bridge is cemented (glued) onto the teeth, this appliance/ structure is fixed to the teeth.


Implants are medical devices that are surgically imbedded into the jawbone. They require a high level of precision and planning. They are a big part of our clinical practice and the dental industry. This procedure is a highly sophisticated surgery that is based on years of scientific research and developments. Implants may replace one missing tooth or several. The number and the position of implants and all the surgery details will be thoroughly discussed with the patient after consultation and X-rays. Our doctors have earned certificates in both the surgical and prosthodontic part of this procedure. Implants are a great way to replace missing teeth in areas where other treatment options may not be ideal.


We offer a variety of treatments and solutions for patients who are seeking a more ideal smile. Each patient has a vision of what they would like their teeth to look like. Cosmetic procedures may be elective, but they can be life changing in so many ways. Cosmetic Dental Procedures can boost confidence, improve self-image, and reverse unsatisfactory smiles. This is all based on what the patients wish or want to change. Procedures may include teeth whitening, crowns, veneers, replacement of missing teeth, white fillings, orthodontic treatment or simply teeth cleaning. We encourage our patients to express any concerns or questions no matter how trivial they may seem. Many patients may shy away from discussing cosmetic options due to perceived cost or procedure complexity. The solutions to a brighter smile may be easier and more attainable than one may think.

Teeth Whitening with Gel & Custom Made Trays

Hygiene & Teeth Cleaning services

Viva Dental Toronto
Viva Dental Toronto

Our active and dynamic hygiene program is suitable for patients of all ages. We are happy to see both children and adults for hygiene appointments. Depending on the patients’ needs, a hygiene appointment may include Scaling (cleaning) of the teeth, polishing, fluoride treatment, desensitization treatment, Oral Hygiene instructions, examination by our dentists and X-rays. We encourage all patients to maintain a suitable hygiene appointment schedule and to return for teeth cleaning at each interval. Our doctors and hygienists are great believers in prevention and maintenance. We believe that the patients’ oral health is a big part of their general health.

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